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We are a mining platform with experts from different locations around the world who have helped investors invest gainfully in the past few years till now.

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Bitcoin is called virtual currency, but a better term is cryptocurrency. Unlike physical money, there are no coins or paper money officially produced. No government entity decides how much and when to release it into the world. In many senses, it is truly decentralized.!

One of the interesting things about this virtual currency is that all transactions are stored and published publicly. The currency is traded via a vast peer--to--peer network that encompasses the entire globe. While there aren't a lot of rules regarding Bitcoin, there are some, and this helps with making bitcoins a genuine currency that works like "normal money."


In very simple words, Bitcoin mining is the process by which bitcoin is produced. The platform used for the production is called a mining rig, which is a collection of different antminer machines connected together through the Blockchain network. Mining has proven to be the best way to earn load of bucks from Bitcoin. There are basically 2 types of Bitcoin Mining, namely: Hardware Mining and Cloud Mining.

Hardware Mining: This is the real work. Whereby a wealthy individual or an institution purchase a Bitcoin Mining Rig and perform the process of actual computing to mine bitcoin with large computing power and extreme power consumption. This type of mining is very profitable however attracts pretty large computing power, expensive Electrical and maintenance costs.

Cloud Mining: Bitcoin cloud mining unlike hardware mining does not require large computing power or lots of electricity. Like the name implies, cloud mining is done over the cloud. Here, the hardware miner opens up his Mining to the general public, this way an investor simply connects to the miner and begins to earn as part of the stream. Here, investors do not accrue any large maintenance or electricity costs. It is the most profitable aspect of investing in bitcoin.

Other ways are; Hodling and mining.

Hodling; It means to buy cheap - hold - and sell when the price is high.

mining; It means catching highs and lows of prices on crypto exchanges platforms and make fast profit although with related risk.

The best earning method in bitcoin is via mining which guarantees a returns of investment (ROI) of certain percentage daily. This is solely dependent on the mining plan the investor subscribes to.


Bronze 3.97 BTC - 5.93 BTC = 3-5% ROI

Silver 18.94 - 23.87 BTC = 5-7% ROI

Gold 23.88 - 28.72 BTC = 7-10% ROI

Bronze 15.97 - 18.93 BTC = 3-5% ROI

And so on...

Note: If you can't afford the minimum in a lump sum, blockchain offers you the opportunity to be your own bank with respect to your ability; where you can save little by little till you get up to the minimum. This is the basic plan which can’t be commenced with 0.106 BTC with 1-3% ROI for a limited time. Except on a steady upping of the wallet.


Bitcoin has been accepted as being valuable by a large group of people, both buyers and merchants. A lot of people around the world now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Additionally, the fact that Bitcoin has spawned so many startup companies around the world is testimony to bitcoins having value. The value of Bitcoin has been proven as well by the rate of many institutional investors and CEOs are venturing into the investment platform. Currently, Bitcoin has a marketcap worth of $180 Billion.

THE SETUP First, a Mining Enabled Blockchain Wallet which would be remotely generated by the connection of your email to an active mining rig or hardware server within the Blockchain Network.

Once the wallet is connected, the investor would:

1. verify email

2. set a unique password to the wallet to ensure that the wallet is well secured

3. activate Two-factor authentication. After the above, the investor will proceed to invest by making a purchase either through a Bitcoin ATM or other cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Coinmama, Coinbase, CEX.io and any other trusted Crypto exchange platform.

The purchase made into investors’ wallet automatically activates for mining with earnings according to the plan the investor subscribes to as well as other mining related bonuses after every 160 hours of the mining circle.


After successfully verifying your email,

- copy your Wallet ID (your Wallet ID is a string of random letters and numbers that acts as a username).

- download and install the Blockchain App that corresponds with your device

- open the app and tap on Log in

- tap on Manual Pairing

- paste your Wallet ID and supply your password. Then, you will proceed to your email to authorize the login attempt by opening the authorization email from blockchain, click Accept and go back to the Blockchain app to access the dashboard.

Sending & Receiving To send funds from your wallet, you need the recipient's receive address or QR code.

To request, click on request. Copy and share your address or QR code with the sender. Or paste at the required place at the exchange platform during purchase of Bitcoin.


Addresses are strings of letters and numbers, that are used to send you funds. For increased privacy, a new bitcoin address is generated for every transaction. Find the address for your next transaction by clicking Request in your wallet.

When you have your Blockchain mining enabled wallet created and connected to the mining server, we recommend completing three key security features: email verification, changing the default password: Blockchain123 to your own unique password and then activate two-factor authentication.

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